martes, 10 de febrero de 2015

Water Boiling

This is a mini-eTwinning project between 3 schools: INS Jaume Callís from Vic (Catalonia- Spain), ISIS Galilei from Gorizia (Italy) and INS La Sénia from La Sénia (Catalonia-Spain).
The objective is to compare the boiling point of water in different places in the world.
The students from La Sénia and Gorizia (both chemists) measure and collect the boiling data.
The students from Vic (mathematicians) plot the data.
All students draw out conclusions:
- The chemists describe the shape of the plot and relate it with the boiling point of water. They also take into account the atmospheric pressure and the altitude.
- The mathematicians apply statistics to the data.

An inspiring video ...

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